After tackling Leukemia off the field, Brett Lamb returns to tackling opponents on the field

Published: Apr. 14, 2021 at 4:27 PM CDT
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Spring football is all about practice. There’s nothing glamorous about putting on the pads in the middle of April -- to prepare for games *next fall.

But for senior linebacker Brett Lamb -- just playing football again is a major victory.

" I didn’t think I was going to be playing football again, the first thing I thought when I got cancer was shoot, I might die,” Brett Lamb, senior Linebacker for Black Hills State, says

Diagnosed with Leukemia, Lamb began a battle bigger than anything he has ever faced on the football field.

" It was tough” added Lamb. “Hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through for sure,”

While undergoing chemo, Lamb used his mentality as a linebacker to tackle his diagnosis.

“Being a cancer survivor Every single day you have to attack it and have the correct mindset the same way as on the football field,” continued Lamb

Josh Breske took over as the head coach for the Yellow Jackets after Lamb had already left to begin treatment and remembers his players saying he was going to make a comeback

“I’m not going to be ready to play but I want to participate and I want to be back on the team and I told Brett right away you are more than welcome to come back and we will have your scholarship waiting for you,” Josh Breske, Head Coach Black Hills State football, says

Lamb is now playing and battling in practice even as he continues to fight cancer,

“Hey man you got to pick it up what’s going, lets go pick it up. He didn’t bat an eye or say a word” continued Breske “but come to find out later in practice our DC said yeah he had chemo this morning, and so yeah now I feel like a jerk,”

Black Hills State prepares for the 2021 football season, Lamb knows he already has one victory in life and life is back to normal when he straps on his pads.

“It felt like I won, It felt great it felt like I was completely normal again,” says Lamb

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